TOEIC® Exam - Part 6 Text Completion

Part 6 is divided into Error Recognition and Text completion.

You can watch our video explaining the Part 6 Text completion section of the TOEIC® exam.

In the text completion section for the TOEIC® exam, you will be given a text with a blank space for every question related to that text. You will be given possible responses to best fill the blank space. You must choose which of the response would best complete the text.

Below is a sample question that you may encounter in the text completion section:


Dear Dr. Steve Carroll,

I would like to ____________ invite you to the 32nd International Business Administration conference (IBA), which will be held in Tokyo on October 8-10 this year.

(a) expedient (b) personally (c) truly (d) regarding

The correct answer was: (b) Personally


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