Before the Test Day

Step 1: System Check

You must perform a System Check to make sure your computer and internet connection will allow you to complete the test on test day. If you fail the system check, please try to turn off other devices using your wi-fi connection to improve connectivity of your device during testing.

  1. Navigate to Click on Check Readiness

  2. Click Skip this Step.

  3. After you select Skip this Step the following screen will appear. Click Run System Check.

  4. Type in your First and Last Name and leave the Comments fields blank. Click Run Check. You will see the system check testing different functions needed to successfully administer the test.

  5. Once the check has finished running, review the results to ensure that you can run the secure browser.

Step 2: Download the TOEIC Secure Browser

  1. Navigate to Click on Download Secure Browser

  2. Click Skip this Step.

  3. Click Download. Click on the downloaded file to start with the installation

  4. When installation is complete, click OK. A shortcut to launch the audio browser will be added to your desktop.

    Confirm the icon below is on your desktop. Double click the icon to ensure the browser opens.

    You can close the screen by clicking Close in the upper right corner.

If any of the checks fail, please ensure that you meet minimum system requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 10 or MAC OS X or higher

  • Internet Browser: Internet Explorer 11 or Safari 9 or higher

  • Screen Resolution: 1366 X 768 (recommended)

If you meet all the requirements but still encounter errors during the install, file a report at

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BCMath lib not installed. RSA encryption unavailable