The City University of Macau – School of Continuing Studies – has recently obtained funding from the Macao Foundation, which is a charity to promote, develop and sponsor various educational activities in Macau, to provide senior secondary students with TOEIC® test preparation courses and tests.


Secondary schools in Macau can nominate up to 10 students per school to participate in the preparation course, which are conducted by experienced English instructors from City University. Included in the course are 20 hours of test exercises and instruction, which prepares them for the TOEIC Listening and Reading exam that is provided to the each student in June.


Smart Education, ETS’s Preferred Associate in Hong Kong and Macau, is administering about 500 TOEIC Listening and Reading tests for the upcoming session. This opportunity will provide the secondary students with a strong English-language proficiency level to compete in the global economy, and will support the Macau Government’s objective to improve their students’ language ability in English.


Congratulations to Smart Education for expanding TOEIC throughout Macau – this further strengthens TOEIC’s position as the global standard in English-language assessments.

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