Holy Name University (HNU) Bohol and Hopkins International Partners, Inc. collaborate to enhance the English language proficiency of HNU students. This educational initiative positions HNU as one of the institutions that introduce internationally recognized English language certification to Bohol—a testament to the institution's adherence to excellence, placing emphasis on a meaningful endeavor rooted in the teachings of Christ and the concept of the common good.

HNU's goal is to equip college students with the essential skills to compete more effectively on a global scale. The university's Center for Languages places a strong emphasis on nurturing students' listening and reading skills through the TOEIC assessment. This certification does not only equip students with valuable skills but also a powerful credential for their job application and future pursuits, paving the way for more local and international career opportunities.

"HNU is not only a milieu for shaping futures. It is where our students discover and nurture a powerful force within them. We believe that by nurturing abilities, we’re setting the stage for dreams to soar and opportunities to multiply. Not only do they learn to communicate, but they become fluent in the language of achievement, which opens up a world of opportunities. This TOEIC certification is one of the keys to realizing their dreams, and this partnership between Holy Name University and Hopkins International will make it happen," shared Socorro Anne R. Zaluaga, Head of BA Communication and General Education.

The Holy Name University remains steadfast in its commitment to assist Holynamians in pursuing their aspirations. These efforts reflect HNU's goals of becoming a model Basic Ecclesial Community, excelling in the institution's trilogy of functions in research, extension, and instruction, and actively engaging in the apostolate of Communication, Bible, Mission Animation, as well as Justice, Peace, and Integrity of Creation.

In an increasingly competitive world today, continuously seeking personal, professional, and academic growth and development has become imperative for educational institutions. In this regard, the Holy Name University in Bohol keeps itself updated with changing educational landscapes that will prepare students for future challenges.

If you want to learn more about Holy Name University’s offerings and how your children can enhance their global competitiveness, all the information you need is available in just a click.

The global certification program, TOEIC, is recognized worldwide as a reliable measure of English language proficiency which is exclusively represented by Hopkins International in the Philippines. If you are seeking to boost your institution’s global competitiveness, now is the time to discover more about the possibilities.

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