In a constantly evolving global environment, it is essential for educational institutions to continuously pursue personal, professional, and academic growth and advancement. Laguna College of Business and Arts remains up-to-date on evolving educational environments, guaranteeing that its faculty and students are thoroughly equipped to face future challenges.

In its resolution to foster all-encompassing development, Laguna College of Business and Arts forges a partnership with Hopkins International Partners, Inc. with the aim of empowering the professionals among its regular employees and School of Graduate Studies students, including those in the MAED, MSP, MBA, and MM programs, to help them shape their futures through language proficiency.

This groundbreaking initiative is poised to bring to life LCBA's vision and mission of fostering holistic development and enhancing global competitiveness through an educational approach rooted in values, competency-based learning, research that influences policy decisions, and sustained involvement within the community.

Mr. Alfredo G. Perez Jr., Dean of the School of Graduate Studies and Academe Director, stated, “LCBA is dedicated to nurturing individuals who are holistically developed and equipped for global competitiveness.”

This statement emphasizes LCBA's unwavering commitment to providing education that transcends academic excellence – a testament to the institution's holistic approach to education, where the focus is on shaping lifelong learners equipped with a comprehensive skill set making its academic staff and students ready for success in an increasingly competitive world of professionals.

LCBA@94 proudly continues to uphold its legacy of providing education through generations. In keeping with this pledge, the TOEIC® test for LCBA's faculty and School of Graduate Studies students is scheduled for November 18, 2023, at the LCBA Multi-purpose Hall. The TOEIC® global certification program is internationally acknowledged for its reliability in assessing English language proficiency and is exclusively represented by Hopkins International Partners, Inc. in the Philippines. Through this program, the philosophy, vision, mission, and quality objectives of LCBA will be a reality.

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